Too Cute!

I love that my daughter is learning to talk! I’ve been yearning for her to talk to me since the day she was born. Her expressions and her laughter make everyday amazing.

She said “I’m Bugs Bunny?” So I asked her “Are you Bugs Bunny?” and she replied “Yeah”

One evening I picked my daughter up from daycare, we came home and as usual, I asked her if she would like some milk, and she said “No” so I said “Are you sure?” and she shouted and held up her hands “I’m just fine!”


Beautiful Music List

Here’s a “Beautiful” mix of songs:

  1. Beautiful – MercyMe
  2. Beautiful Day – Lee DeWyze
  3. Beautiful List – Sent By Ravens
  4. Beautiful News – Matt Redman
  5. Beautiful One – Jeremey Camp
  6. Beautiful, Beautiful – Francesca Battistelli
  7. Beauty Will Rise – Steven Curtis Chapman
  8. Broken and Beautiful – Mark Schultz
  9. Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful – Seabird
  10. More Beautiful You – Jonny Diaz
  11. Something Beautiful – Needtobreathe
  12. Something Beautiful – Newsboys
  13. Strangely Beautiful – Shealeigh




One of my favorite websites for health information, they even cover Chia seeds (which I have recently tried and are supposed to be a great source of protein and fiber) WebMD says they are ok to use for up to 12 weeks, but I think I may stick with trying to incorporate more vegetables into my diet.