Eleven ways to have a great November and Thanksgiving:

Thanks for reading! Happy November!

  1. Make some homemade apple cider and pumpkin spice muffins.
  2. Make chili and cornbread. Don’t forget vinegar, saltines, and shredded cheddar cheese for the chili, and honey and butter for the cornbread.
  3. Put together a couple of really cute fall outfits. I love Fall because I get to break out my boots and scarves!
  4. Try to find matching gloves! I ❤ the ones with holes in the fingers, no fumbling with keys, plus they are great for hunting.
  5. Ignore the Christmas décor until after Thanksgiving, its shouldn’t even be on the shelves yet anyway!
  6. Make a list of all the unfinished summer projects and missed vacation getaways, then put the list away and out of your mind until next year.
  7. Remember at Thanksgiving dinner to ask those family members that are always tough to buy Christmas presents for what they might like.
  8. Ask what you can bring to Thanksgiving dinner, PS. sweet potatoes cook way faster in the microwave than the oven and they still taste the same
  9. I have learned to hide a piece of my favorite pie, otherwise it disappears.
  10. Let the kiddos have fun with the leaves, there are tons of craft ideas online.
  11. Be thankful for each day, and praise the Lord for all of our blessings, and pray that hardships be few and far between.