Fizzing Fun

Fun idea!

Pumpkins and Me

I saw this on another blog, I can’t remember which one but it seemed fun and easy to set up so we gave it a try the other day.


It’s a tray with baking soda and then cups of vinegar coloured with food colouring.  The children used eye droppers to suck up the vinegar and squirt it onto the baking soda causing a wonderful, colourful fizz.  Pumpkin 1 wasn’t able to figure out the squeeze/squirt motion of the using the eye droppers and she wouldn’t let me show her how so she just had fun swirling the eye dropper in the vinegar or in the baking powder and causing little fizzes.  My daycare 3 year old was able to do it though and had a great time.  I actually eventually emptied the soaked tray and refilled it.  It’s a great way to practice the pencil hold and to strengthen fingers…

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Too Cute!

I love that my daughter is learning to talk! I’ve been yearning for her to talk to me since the day she was born. Her expressions and her laughter make everyday amazing.

She said “I’m Bugs Bunny?” So I asked her “Are you Bugs Bunny?” and she replied “Yeah”

One evening I picked my daughter up from daycare, we came home and as usual, I asked her if she would like some milk, and she said “No” so I said “Are you sure?” and she shouted and held up her hands “I’m just fine!”


I went to a concert with a friend that I haven’t seen in awhile, the band played 40’s rock all the way up until modern rock, and yes, Johnny Cash and Michael Jackson. Our daughters had a blast, her daughter is about a year and a half older than mine, and they got along really well, singing and dancing through the whole thing.

Being a mom!

Oh the things that no one tells you about being a mom! Of course I read tons of books, but somehow they all managed to leave out or put little importance on the most useful advice.   A support system is probably the number one “tool” a new mom needs. I am very lucky to have plenty of friends and family willing to be advice givers, listening ears, and backup baby sitters. So never be afraid to ask for help and don’t lose touch with those that are willing to be there for you. A lot of our old friends disappeared, after our lo was born and a whole new set of friends appeared.  So here’s to life in my thirties, and yep even with this decades own new challenges, its tons better than I ever could have hoped for.